My story

From the view point of my darling parents.

Mancie, my only sibling is in australia at present and here’s how this happend.

I still remember the morning in 2007 when Mancie told me that she wishes to go to Australia for further studies. But I did not take her seriously, but she insisted for her further studies in Australia.
So, after lots of discussion we agreed to let her go live her dreams.She knew that its not going to be easy staying in a new Country, as she was on her own. We did not have any relatives or connections in Australia, so she will have to manage everything without any help. So, she will have to fight to achieve all her dreams.We also want to see her flying high in her life and live her dreams.
We dont want to cut her wings.

We tried and contacted everyone if anyone can help her in her initial period of stay. My friend’s daughter in law, Krishna living and settled in Melbourne came as an Angel for all of us and supported us and assured to take care of Mancie in every way she can. We were a little less worried but still there was lot of nervousness and tension going on but we were trying to just show the excitement.

Finally, the morning came when Mancie left us and went to Melbourne to fulfil her dreams and ambitions. While boarding the flight she had more luggage than allowed, so she decided to wear 3 pair of pants, 4 t-shirts and took 2 jackets on her hand, and these things were officially allowed as its not in luggage. But, to take care of these things she forgot her umbrella here. At that time we did not knew the importance of umbrella, but an umbrella is very necessary and important in Australia due to daily rainy season. So, not having umbrella, she fell sick in rain all the time.

With all these difficulties she arrived at Melbourne airport, and the airport authority removed all her home cooked food like thepla, bhaakhri, sweets which is not just love but love from parents, culture and country. Before going to Australia she made a motto in her life “chaalse faavse ane bhaavse”, it means being adjusted to any food, any where and any condition. So, with this motto she never got depressed in her life.

Initially Mancie was staying with Krishna which was far from her university. It took Train, Tram and some hiking along with 3-4 hrs to reach university. She always had to miss breakfast, lunch or dinner in Melbourne. Text books in Australia are unaffordable so she would spend most of her time in library and would stay there for the whole night. Having spent her night at library she would just go directly to university in morning without any proper breakfast or grooming. Those were very difficult days and so many times she cried and felt home sick, but she never complained or shared her feeling to us. She also spend days sleeping on the bare floor with just one blanket in extreme winter condition.

She loved Pulao (cooker wala bhaaat), she would go to any extend for that dish. After she left us, we also were not able to cook and eat pulao anymore. I remember she did not know how to fry a chili, and one day she tried to fry chili without chopping it and it got blasted from the pan, it caused her some burning and inflammation. but it was all part of learning life. Finally after so much of hardwork she got job in electric company as door to door survey and started to make clients and customers in the area far from home. She had very bad experiences by the clients when they would unleash their dogs behind her and she would just run away for her life. She would not even rest for 5 mins as she always was being observed by her supervisor. Some days senior citizens would behave good to her by offering tea and some food. They would stay alone for most of their time and they always look for companionship, where they always liked her company. After few months, door to door work wasn’t safe for her. We tried our level best to convince her to return back. But she was very strong to continue her stay fighting with bad circumstances. We convinced her to resign from her door to door survey job. So, not having qualified job she had to do small time, room cleaning jobs locally, but she never complained or let us know about her condition.

After all her difficulties starting from forgotten umbrella, travelling 4 hrs to go to university, staying whole night in library, getting job away from home, getting chased by dogs and getting abused from other people she finally completed her MBA with Distinction. So, in vacation she decided to visit India and she left her room at 6 pm to reach airport, and kept her luggage in trunk of car and locked it. But after some time she wanted her jacket from her luggage, so she tried to open trunk but it got locked and was not opening. She had all her stuff along with passport and boarding pass in the luggage. She got very depressed and tried to open the trunk but all in vain. She also tried calling many mechanics and also went to so many workshops, but as fate would have it, all the garages were closed by 5 pm. And no one was ready to help her. After so much of calls and connections she found a mechanic who was luckily passing by near her car was ready to assist her. So she finally he opened a trunk without any extra charges. Now after all these incidents and learning phase she is well settled in Australia and would be happy to help anybody who is coming to Australia for first time.

We are very PROUD of our LOVELY ANGEL DAUGHTER who can see our TEARS from our eyes in RAIN.

You can share your story too. Your struggles.



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