Aamir Khan finds Shahrukh Khan distracting!


Mumbai: Aamir Khan, who is dedicating all his time to Dhoom 3 these days, was practising for a dance sequence for the movie at Yash Raj studio recently. But the actor stopped the rehearsal in between that too because of Shahrukh Khan. Rumour has it that Aamir Khan was practising for a dance number for Dhoom 3. the actor took a break suddenly to chat with someone. He told that guy to remove Shahrukh Khan’s full size poster of Dil To Pagal Hai movie, from the hall. The staff member politely refused and said that he does not have authority to remove anything from the hall or Yash Raj studio. According to the sources Aamir Khan was finding it difficult to practice because of Shahrukh Khan’s poster as he found it too distracting. But the actor had no choice but to practice in the same hall. So, after some time he resumed his dance session.

Hmm.. and we thought only Salman finds Shahrukh distracting!


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