Punishment for Rape

1) UAE- Instant Death Penalty within 7 days hanging
2) Iran- Instant Stoned to death/hanging with 24 hrs
3) Afghanistan – Instant death by bullet on head within 4 days
4) China – No Trial, Medical proved rape then Death Penalty
5) Malaysia – Death Penalty
6) Mangolia – Death as revenge by family
7) Iraq – Death by stone till last breath Taliban – Limbs/
Legs/ Balls All Cut Off,&then stoned & then shot
9) Poland – Death thrown to Pigs

10) INDIA – Compromise, Thinking, Trial, Bribe of 2 lakhs,
Rich family Kid, Abuse & Embarrass ment

Even the girl dies still no charge sheet filed..
Country gets in protest still the PM remains Silent.
Look at all these countries and learn something.


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